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Qur'an is a message for the whole of mankind. There are over 1.5 billion Muslims in the world today because of the Qur'an. At any given moment on any day someone, somewhere, is reciting the Qur'an. You must be wondering to yourself, what is it about the Qur'an that has made such an imprint on the hearts of over a billion Muslims? Find out more and order a Free Quran through our website.

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There have been many incredible works of literature, such as Shakespeare’s plays and fantasy epics like Lord of the Rings. What ties these works together is that they are the product of great human minds. As amazing as these works are, can you imagine how much more amazing a book would be if God Himself authored it, surely it would be the greatest book ever produced.

Moreover, imagine that God answers all the important questions that human beings have about life, such as why we are here and what happens to us after we die. Finally, imagine if the contents of this book is the spoken word of God and the topic is you! Wouldn't you want to read such a book? The Quran is exactly that book.

National Qur’an Awareness day

Quran day is held once a year across Australasia region in the month of December at more than 20 different locations increasing every year, the aim of the Quran day is to distribute Quran copies to a maximum number of people and create awareness both within the Muslim and Non-Muslim community. In an age where Quran is being attacked and accused of promoting violence and hatred, it is an obligation on every Muslim to defend its honour by promoting the true teachings of the Quran to the entire world.

Play Video about Quran Day campaign in front of Melbourne State Library
Play Video about Quran Day campaign in front of Melbourne State Library

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We’re Helping Australian Households Experience Qur’an

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, ‘Convey from me even if it is one verse’ (Bukhari).


We’re distributing Qur’an giftboxes to Non-Muslims to better understand the Quran. The box includes an English Translation of the Quran (in simple English) along with information about the context of every chapter. The box also contains other interesting topics such as: How to Pray, Women in Islam and the Biography of the Prophet Muhammad [Peace Be Upon Him].


Our target is to distribute 100,000 copies of the Quran in the next few years inshAllah.

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