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Our Mobile Dawah Fleet

Our team regularly travels across Australia doing Dawah and training, we have an increasing car & trailer fleet solely meant for Dawah purpose. They are wrapped in DAWAH message to help spread the message while on the move.

Named after the beloved camel ridden by Prophet Mohammed saws QASWA, this hilux tows a massive billboard trailer, mainly used to travel across Australia.

Named after the animal used by Prophet Mohammed saws during his night journey of Isra wal Miraj, this car is used in the western suburbs of Melbourne

This elgrand is mainly driven in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

This pathfinder is driven all around Queensland with the sole purpose of Dawah

This esteema and trailer has driven across Australia covering over 25,000kms

Over 7 mtrs long this massive advertisement trailer is a sure heads turner. Towed by Qaswa

Do Dawah while driving. You can add stickers on your personal cars and help us promote Quran Campaign Please email on

Over 5 mtrs long advertisement trailer, it has removable banners which are changed based on current global trends, like Hijab, Palestine, terrorism etc.

To participate in this dawah car promotional campaign email us at

Through this initiative we have driven more then 45000kms and still counting